“Oh, ​my ___”

I am not going to fill in the blank as HIS name is the holiest name forever and ever.

There are many ways to make my skin crawl.  Using God’s name casually, and especially in vain, is in direct disobedience of the second commandment.   Shame on me for every time I violated that command.

As a kid, teen, in the Navy and beyond, I regularly said His name in vain.  Confession took care of the guilt.  A few years ago, after one confession, I stopped.  I realized that I was committing a grave sin and would no longer use that kind of language…including other “metaphors.”  If I was ready to tell a joke and thought that it wouldn’t pass a priest’s approval, I’d toss it and never think of it again.

Vain means “empty” or “insincere.”  In Psalms 8:1 it is written how excellent thy Lord’s name is.  With that definition in mind, I began thinking about the expression ‘Oh my God,”  in text terms OMG and much worse OMFG.  When I would reply “Oh my God!” I wasn’t using His name as intended described in the Psalms verse.  (Confession time)  I know it sounds picky, but this is a commandment I will obey.  The same goes with “Oh my Lord.”  I had always thought that using Lord instead of God would be acceptable.  Lord is God, one in the same, so I will never express those refrains again.

Oaths! I have a blog that touches on this, but after reading some more about the second commandment, I now realize that when I take an oath in God’s name I had better obey it.  Lying after taking an oath, for example, is lying to God.  It calls God to be a witness to a lie.  In Matthew 5:33-34  Jesus makes clear not to take a false oath.

I describe myself as having a personal and intimate relationship with God.  I feel His love and for me to continue to grow in our relationship I need to quell my empty words to when I speak of God, but with sincerity and love.

Kimisu replied on the last blog when I talked about the 8th commandment while the others were cut and dry, to reevaluate that the commandments aren’t as cut and dry as I stated.  So, I began with #8 and have moved on to #2.  I realize I still have a lot to learn about each commandment so my next 8 posts will focus on just that.

God Bless and Peace





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