Sometimes I am amazed at myself. that I mean, how much I’ve changed in the past 13 years.

13 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar and a severe mood disorder.  Over the course of the next 3 years or so, and after therapy and meds, I began to settle down and get control of myself.  That was the beginning of a huge change in my life.  I thought that I had finally turned things around and further change was not needed.

Then I had my epiphany 5 years ago and did a drastic change in my spiritual life.    Again, I felt as though, since I changed for the better again, I had reached my limit.  But, I was kidding myself.

I know now that there is no such thing as reaching your limit.  Over the past 5 years  I continue to change.  I’m always searching for that little flaw that keeps me from being the best person I can be.  Knowing that I have God on my side these kinds of distractions are so much easier to correct.  I want people to see the Jesus in me.  If nothing else, appreciate the smile on my face and perhaps it will make their day a little easier.