My words

I don’t know how well this is blog is working. I’ve noticed the daily views have really dropped off. I also know that I was trying to be like Matthew Kelly of Dynamic Catholic. This was a huge mistake of mine and I accept complete responsibility.

First, the daily views are insignificant to me. It’s always been about the message. If the message provokes thought from at leat one person then it’s worth it. The following is what I wrote to my dear friend Deb. Hopefully it expresses the point in this day’s blog.

Hi Deb: I thought about what you said about verbalizing. I have a difficult time using the right words. So what I started doing was just talking about how I use the words when I pray, based on what I know is true. And what is true is God’s love and the commands He asks of us to be His people. I’ve had people give me the “huh?” look when I talk. I understand that if I don’t explain it in their words they have a difficult time understanding my point. This all adds up to the fact that it’s not significant. God knows what I’m saying. God knows I understand His intentions. God knows what’s in my heart. Therefore it really doesn’t matter what other people think.  

I’ve had some friends reduced to acquaintances, their decisions, because they don’t get God’s intentions. For example, some Christians believe in Pro-Choice. I’ve explained that, whether they like it or not, abortion is not God’s intention. It’s difficult being a Christ follower. It’s uncomfortable.

But I know in my heart I’m speaking God’s truth and will do my best to explain my position by verbalizing in my own words and not emulating the way others, although very elequent, explain their views.