Public Displays of Affection

Matthew 10:32 “Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.

Some of my generation might remember the game show, “I’ve Got a Secret.” The celebrity panel was tasked with trying to figure out which of three guests was the actual person by asking questions. Basically two of the people were lying. But it was a game show so I’ll give them a pass.

What made me think of that was when it came time for me to pray in public…outside of the church. Being a Christian was my little secret. One would really have to question me down to see if I was actually in love with God or simply going through the motions. If I was on trial on whether or not I was actually a Christian, I probably would have had a hung jury. They would be split on whether or not I was indeed following Christ or lying to myself. “Wow, what will people think of me? Would they call me a bible thumper, a zealot, a religious nut or a holier than thou type person? I wouldn’t want that. I need to be accepted.”

I very slowly began to pray…but only if I was at home. God forbid that I would demonstrate my Christianity while dining with others, and especially at a restaurant or gathering! “Oh those pagans would never understand.” So I remained frightened of what they might think.

Until five years ago.

When I had my epiphany I took the final step. I began praying in public. I don’t look up after my prayer to see if anyone is watching. I no longer keep my sign of the cross hidden the best I can. No longer do I avoid answering any questions regarding my faith and love of the Lord.

What I learned in March, 2012; allowed me to realize, really realize, how important God was to me, I completely committed myself to His love and give thanks every single day…sometimes many times a day.

This past election I was asked why I voted for Trump. My response was that I voted with my conscience. I knew that I couldn’t vote for anyone who is pro-abortion. Criticism of demonstrating my love for God and my enemies? That ship has sailed.