Christ’s Peace and Relationships

This refelction is from a dear friend. Many moons ago Deb and I went to school together. We haven’t seen each other…let’s just say in a loooong time. We keep in touch by the grace of God.

Thank you, Deb, for this wonderful inspiration!

Life is an adventure…that’s for sure. Life with God equips us to live in peace with one another…including our spouses. “Husbands love your wives, as Christ loved the church”….and visa versa. Oh, if we would only practice peace in every area of our lives…with every person in our lives. Lofty goal? Yes, indeed. Jesus said, “seek peace and pursue it1 Peter 3:11. And so, so many more verses on relationship.

Relationship is hard…it takes time, it takes effort, creativity, forgiveness, mercy, Grace….everything that God gives us…and He gives it to us freely. So, in this life journey, with our humanness…we “practice our faith and practice our walk with Jesus” by asking Him to take us by the hand and walk WITH us…through everything..our selfishness, our pride, our misconceptions, our apathy,our hardships, and see us through to see His Promises come alive in us. All that to say…we will see a difference in our relationships with family and friends when we allow and want Him to show His power in us. He created us and loves us so…He wants us to love one another.

Hard to do, I know, when we know so much about each other’s failures and the ugliness that we can present to one another. Much easier to remember the bad and not concentrate on the good. So, we come to Jesus, asking Him to “create in us a clean heart…and to renew a right spirit within us“. Psalms 51:10. I want to experience His Power in my life and my relationships. The choices we make today…how we treasure one another…how we take care of one another’s hearts…this example is what will be followed by our children and grandchildren and people whose lives we touch. I’m speaking all of these words to myself first. And I will remember all of these things when I pray. Agape.